Who is Your Competition?

:: The Reporter ::

The reporter who is Rachel De Veyra, discussed the topic well. Her strategy of giving rewards for those people who can answer her questions was a good idea for a better interaction of the class. Although we seems like children when she told us to read a particular paragraph in chorus, still we learned a lot. The good thing is that we just don’t learn, also we had listening to her report.

:: The Topic ::

Knowing your competitor is one of the must in affiliate business. So, there are two different types of sites that pay for keyword advertising in your category. They are — Irrelevant Sites and Competing Merchant and Affiliate Sites.

Irrelevant Sites

Irrelevant sites are actually, the non-competing sites. These are falsely so it means, they pose no threats to your sites but these sites raises the prices up for they only pays to advertise. So, when you find a sites like this, you can drop a note to the editors at Overture or Google about your findings.

You shouldn’t have to compete with an advertiser that doesn’t deliver what they falsely promise.

Competing Affiliate & Merchant Sites

Here, the sites you visit will probably be either merchant or affiliate sites. And to determine whether the site is an affiliate or merchant site, ‘cursor over’ the links and check your browser’s status bar to see if the links are affiliate product links.

Examples of this links are:

If clicking takes you to a new site or domain, then the site is likely an affiliate site.

On a merchant site, if you click on a link the resulting page comes up on the original domain. Example,  on this link http://rosalinds.com/33days.html if someone clicks on that link, the new page that is displayed in the browser’s address bar using your cloaking software would still be http://rosalinds.com/33days.html.

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