How To Search the ‘Net for Merchant Sites

Finding it hard to look for a merchant who offers affiliate programs? That’s not a problem for there are ways that will surely help you solve the problems you are into.

So, just go to google and you will find the solution to your problem by just typing the keyword or keyword phrases into the search box. You can also make use of plus signs to ensure that each word entered appears on the page returned in the search results. Note that not all page results are guaranteed to have an affiliate programs, some of them maybe affiliate themselves but if you are lucky to sought a merchant site be sure to find the following phrases :

  1. “Webmasters”
  2. “Make Money”
  3. “Affiliate (or Associate) Program”
  4. “Partners”
  5. “Earn $”
  6. and other phrases that indicate that the company has an affiliate program.

Affiliate Program Directories

What does it do to you? How helpful is this to you?

An affiliate program directory is created to provide a resource for publishers to find good quality affiliate programs as well as allow affiliate managers a platform to promote their program. A list of affiliate programs that give a short description about a program as well as information such as commission rate, commission types, and payment methods. Sometimes the sites are sponsored or ranked.

Now, how does this help you to find legitimate merchant? From the list of merchants you can actually save your time because you can choose from the merchants affiliate programs. It is best used to find merchants that have stand-alone or ‘in house’ programs which are therefore not associated with the big affiliate networks. Although, you may notice that some merchant’s are also affiliated to networks. If you found out this, you will be redirected to them when sign up as an affiliate.

There actually a bunch of affiliate program directories but I would like to suggest that you visit these two:

  • Over 6,000 program listings.
  • Offers a comprehensive listings of affiliate programs that makes them have an edge over the other affiliate program directories.
  • Site is also easy to use,and the listings are arrange alphabetically in the search results making it is easier to locate programs again later. is part of ,  the E-Business and Internet Technology Network. It is one of the leading search engine for affiliate programs, it reached over 1,500 program listings. A forerunner in the arena of affiliate marketing , has provided a valuable service to thousands of merchants and Webmasters who use as a resource for the creation of affiliate relationships. lists many of the most prominent e-commerce players on the Web such as (Nasdaq: AMZN), Barnes & Noble (Nasdaq: BNBN),, (Nasdaq: MPPP), (Nasdaq: DSCM) and (Nasdaq: BOUT).

  • Offers an associate program rating structure and criteria
  • Listings are perhaps a little more detailed than at and include the launch date and number of affiliates.

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