“Ready-Made” Affiliate Marketing Business

Well most of us want an easy money without making a website of your own and divulging traffic on it. There is actually a way of earning such without making of those complicated websites and divulging customers to your site that is by utilizing the Cbmall.

What is a Cbmall?

As you may know, CB in CBmall stands for ClickBank; a company that allows merchants to process credit cards and run an affiliate program in the simplest possible way. CBmall is an innovation for marketers of informational products online. It combines all the products currently available on the Click Bank database of affiliate programs, and turns them into a search engine style eCommerce website that works like an online storefront. From the point of view of a regular person on the net, CBmall is just like a search engine bar such as Google or Yahoo. It takes in the keywords entered by the user and directs them to a number of relevant options that may interest the person searching. All these results that the user sees are actually sales pages for products and services that would be of interest to the end user.

  • CBmall is an automated ClickBank affiliate storefront. It’s stocked with thousands of digital download products like eBooks, video tutorials and software.
  • They do all site maintenance and answer all emails and support calls.
  • There are over 100 pages on CBmall, each filled with opportunities for you to make money. You will get your own special links that send people to CBmall. These links put your unique ClickBank ID onto every ClickBank product in the mall and the search engine.
  • CBmall is a great way to get started if you are a beginner because you don’t need a web site or any experience. We’ll show you how with your free bonus: QuickStart Guide to CBmall Profits.
  • For pros out there, CBmall can create powerful automated income streams, and you earn the exact same commissions from ClickBank as if you did all the work.

What is Cbmall Good for?

When someone visits CBmall and begins browsing or searching the collection, they will be viewing sales pages of products and services that will contain the unique ClickBank identification of the marketer who promotes it. This way, the consumer is able to pick and choose what they feel is interesting or valuable to them, instead of it being the other way around where the marketer promotes whatever he or she feels would generate sales.

Imagine earning extra money each month for doing a few simple promotions by just doing business with Cbmall.

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