How to Choose an Affiliate Program?

Joining an affiliate program is not that easy so it will lead you to ask many questions that must have an answer to clarify those things that bothers you. Sending them an email or giving them a ring are the things you should do if you can’t find the answer in your merchants’ site. But if there is no contact details in the site, better change your course of action and search for another affiliate program.

Furthermore, if the merchant doesn’t directly respond to your inquiries within a given time frame for about a day or two, you better pass the program. One factor that you should consider is the responsiveness of the merchant; a good merchant should be able to address their customer’s needs. It would be a big problem if merchants are not responsive enough to their customers or affiliates.

These are the questions that you should be inquiring about. But before asking all of these questions, just be sure that it has not yet been answered by the same merchant.

  1. Is the Company Reputable?
  2. Is there an Affiliate Agreement?
  3. What are the Conditions of the Agreement?
  4. May I Terminate the Agreement? How?
  5. Is My Site Eligible for the Program?
  6. Is There a Fee to Join the Program?
  7. Does the Require Exclusivity?
  8. What is the Program Type?
  9. How much is the Commission?
  10. Do You Get Credit for Recurring Sales?
  11. Does the Program Pay Lifetime Commissions?
  12. Is the Program 2-Tier?
  13. Are Cookies used to Track Sales?
  14. Are Sales Statistics Reported in Real-Time?
  15. Are Sale Tools Offered?
  16. Is Co-Branding Available?
  17. How Do I Get Paid? In Cash? Credit? Food Stamps?
  18. When Do I Get Paid?
  19. Does the Merchant use Third Party Billing?
  20. Is There A Minimum Payout?

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the program being offered for you to assess the program thoroughly.

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