Designs Rule-of-Thumb

These rules-of-thumbs will assist those who wish to become a super affiliates in developing a good graphic design foundation. They are helpful in avoiding design design pitfalls and the intent is to elevate the level of design and encourage the learner to go beyond the rules.

Font Face, Color, and Size

  • The standard and best fonts for use on a web page are Arial, Verdana and Tahoma.
  • Font Size: should also be large enough to read without the surfer having to adjust the font size display in their browser.
  • Text should always be dark on a light background. There are two lessons here. The first is that if one person actually makes the time to write and complain, it’s likely that one hundred more people feel the same way. Secondly, there are reasons for practices becoming ‘tried and true’.

Link Should Look Like Links

Standard link colors are:

Underlined Blue – unvisited
Red – active or hover
Purple – visited

We usually observe these links when we have a searched at google, ask, & ets.

Color Scheme

It is the choice of colors used in design for a range of media. It means the appropriateness of the color into your own site.

White Space

White space, or negative space, describes open space between design elements.

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