Build Your Site

Creating a website can be a quick, cheap and easy process. However, it may be expensive, time consuming, and frustrating undertaking.

So, there are 4 options in building your website:

1. You can do it on your own. Building website on yourself is the cheapest of them all but on the other hand, it is the most time-consuming way of building a site. In learning HTML, it may takes you to make it for the first two pages, the folowing would be easy for you already that will only takes you a minutes.

2. Using Pre-made Website Templates. If you don’t know how to make website on your own, these pre-made website templates is your solution. You will really impressed with its attractiveness, quality and value of the templates. Good thing with these pre-made templates is that with just a little fee, you can suggest changes into the templates or if you want to put some information on it.

As a guide, you can visit to these sites to look for the templates they offer:

  • 4 Templates

  • Dollar Templates

3. Get a Website Package Deal. Getting a website package deal is the building option that eliminates the need to learn HTML to incorporates most of the features any Super Affiliate would ever need in a Web site.  One of this is Ken Evoy’s ‘Site Build It!

In SBI! with just the tune of $25 to $30 per month, you still wouldn’t enjoy the benefits of having all those utilities available through a single interface that it offers.

Here’s what you get with SBI!
• Domain name registration
• Web site hosting
• Site topic brainstorming and researching
• Powerful graphic tools (LogoCreator and NavBar Maker)
• Point-and-click site-building
• Easy web logging
Super Affiliate Handbook
• Search engine optimization
• Automatic search engine submission and re-submission
• Pay-per-click search engine research and mass-bidding
• Traffic statistics and analysis
• Ezine subscription and delivery
• SpamCheck!
• Step-by-step action guide
• Site Build It! Newsletter
• The 4 traffic HQs
• Tips ‘n techniques
• Link exchange assistance
• SBI! e-goods

4. Hire a Designer. This building site option would take you a big time to finish and merely the most expensive of them all. But if these two factors aren’t issues for you, then a great place to find a designer for your site is at Elance. Elance has a skill rating system that you are free to review before agreeing to hire anyone. I’ve used this service a few times to hire programmers to write scripts for my site and have always been very satisfied with the work.
To find a designer, programmer, or Web developer at Elance, visit the link below.

  • Elance

Regardless of these options, it is still better if you make the time to learn some basic HTML coding. Waiting for someone else to make changes to your site can be frustrating and costly. It’s much better that you maintain control over all aspects of your affiliate business.

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