Is My Site Eligible for this Program? & Is there a Fee to Join the Program?

Every affiliate has a criteria that was set by merchants when applying for their programs. So, you must be particular of it for this will be your guide to have an eligible site.

An example discussed by the author was on Commission Junction, publishers are being screened through the following criteria set by the site:

1. Quality and appropriateness of the site. Quality and appropriateness may refer to the sites ability to meet the desired standards maybe by providing the right and detailed information about the product or service.

2. Volume of traffic. Creating traffic to your site means that it is actually a successful one and could get you enough income to be generated.

3. At least one dollar signed ranking in the Commission Junction.

4. Own domain name. A publisher must have it own domain name.

5. Compliant with Commission Junction publisher service agreement. Compliance to the agreement should be established strictly for site protection or privacy.

6. Directly related to performance marketing. Publishers must be able to employ marketing to its extent to induce customers to make a purchase or if not to create enough traffic.

After all, you must read and understand the criteria thoroughly. And if there is something you don’t understand, just don’t hesitate to ask.

Is there a Fee to Join the Program?

Mostly of the merchants don’t charge for any fee in joining their affiliate programs. Because if they do, merely, they are not an affiliate programs rather a Multi-Level Marketing scheme (MLM). One example of MLM marketing network is the Six-Figure Income which you must purchase first the company’s product each and every month to ‘qualify’ for sales earnings that you’ve generated within a month.

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