25 Avoidable Mistakes

Mistakes are an important part of life because through mistakes, we learned and there is always another chance for us.

Super affiliates have learned NOT to make the mistake of repeating the following errors.

1. Spam. This are unsolicited emails. Even without asking for it, it will automatically be sent to your email address.

2. Posting Ads on Forums. Doing this is prohibited, it will just make your posters banned which may lead you to make the board owners upset.

3. No Market Research. You must know first or research if who would likely be your market before investing money on it or else, you’re just wasting your money.

4. Using Merchant Advertising Copy. When you use advertising copy prepared by the merchants you’re not giving your visitors any new information. You don’t have an originality of what you are doing.

5. Copyright Infringement. It felt really bad when you will know that someone copied your work and post it in their website. In doing business, treat others fairly and there should be respect to everybody.

6. Submitting to FFA’s. FFA’s which stands for Free For All sites is a site which you can post your ads for free but these are in low ranking that can make u drag to down. So never do this, it’s a bad move!

7. SHOUTING. Writing in all capital letter means shouting in the web. So, instead of persuading your customers to visit and read in your site, your making them leave because of it. So, refrain from using all Caps.

8. Slow or No Response to Visitor eMails. If someone would send you a message, better answer it because if you will not, it will lead them to go to another affiliate and throw their questions to them which will make them their customers.

9. Overuse of Pop-Ups. Too many pop-ups appearing in your browser is really annoying. So, instead of looking in your site, it will make them to close the browser automatically.

10. Using Free Webhosts & Free Email Accounts. Using free webhosts and free email accounts would make your visitors wonder of the quality of your product since you can’t afford to register your own domain name.

11. No Site Outline. Its just like you don’t have plans.

12. No Opt-in Newsletter. Without an opt-in list, your visitors come, and then they go. You have no way to contact them again. Those who sign up to receive your newsletters or ads are telling you that they’re interested in the products you offer.

13. Keeping Poor or No Records. You should keep track of your business activities and records to avoid being cheated.

14. Building a Mall. Unfocused mall sites don’t get traffic from search engines so they don’t convert to sales.

15. Pay to Advertise Online. You are selling online so you should only advertise online. Don’t expect that someone would eventually jump off his couch while reading his newspaper just to type your URL.

16. Banner ads Farming. Lengthy pages of animated graphic banners simply soak up bandwidth.

17. Competition Bashing. Speaking ill of others only gives the basher a bad reputation. Mind your own business and do your own business.

18. Advertising Product Price. Prices change all the time. With the exception of including prices within an ezine or newsletter, product prices do not belong on your site.

19. Time Sensitive Advertising. Banners or text links that expire are guaranteed to eventually send your visitor to a broken link or show a broken  graphic on your page.

20. ‘Leaky Links’. It’s like getting money out of your wallet and then throw it to the wind for someone else to benefit. Don’t pay just to send your visitors to another site.

21. Affiliate links on the homepage. Never put affiliate links on your homepage. It’s like leading your visitors in the front door and then out to the back. If they see an attractive link, they will be out of your site and can’t even remember your site.

22. Doing it yourself. Do not think that you are batman and at the same time you are also superman because in fact you are not a superhero. Save time through hiring an expert so that you will not look very trying hard.

23. Not Investing in Education. Technology changes with amazing speed. To keep up on this rapidly evolving industry, you must invest time and money in research. The investment is a tax write-off, and will pay you back many times over in additional revenue.

24. Failing to Act. How would you know if you will be successful if you haven’t tried to take an action. We can’t forsee the future, so better try than regret.

25. No persistence. Don’t be too excited. Chill and relax! Ad Rome wasn’t built in just one day. Don’t expect that you have made your hard work overnight then tomorrow you are already a millionaire. Be persistent in everything, surely success will follow.

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